working hard!!!!

Hi all: I'm working sooooo hard on getting back in shape.  I am eating tons of fruits, veggies and protein.  No bread, pasta, rice, potatoes or any kind of sweet.  The most sugar I have is in my coffee (1 teaspoon)! I feel great!  My energy level is through the roof and my attitude is better and I feel stronger.  My clothes are fitting me and my face is recognizable again. Shane is giving me the business.  Not sure what's happening.  He was in Chinese school for Camp.  I didn't agree with it but my husband insisted.  Shane enjoys learning however they put him in a class with older kids and he was the minority.  So he was picked on a lot.  I didn't know this because David was taking him there and back and definitely not sharing it with me.  Well I went to see him at his recital and I watch these 8 year old picking on him.  I flipped the fuck out and told off the teacher and went to the office and told them off too.  Shane was so happy and said "Mom" I love you and thank you. "  What the heck is wrong with my husband that he allow this to continue.  Anyway he's out but his behavior has changed.  He's more physical with his little sister and seems nastier.  Not good.  I hope to break him of this before school starts.  But he was dealing with this for for six weeks.  So it's in him right now. I pray that school is not affected by this.  But as for me personally I am great and feel wonderful.  I fear the new coming year but that's normal right?  The difference is I can separately myself from everything now. which means I can focus on the important stuff and not become bogged down with everyone else bullshit. Hope all is well with my friends! Lisa