Worked 3 doubles

I just got through working 3 doubles. I am so tired. I work again tonight for 10p to 6a. I can handle that. It wasn't so bad but it does wear on you. One of the shifts I was back in the unit by myself. It wasn't so horrible but it wasn't fun either. A least I got breaks, even if my lunch break was during the last 30 minutes of the shift. *sigh* This morning first shift came in and I only had 4 people dressed. I had R* in a pull up (like depends) again but A* in a brief since he was staying in bed and not following me around. He does that. He has a crush on me. It's kind of creepy actually. So today I am going to clean the livingroom some, make food for the boys and clean the bathroom. Sunday and Tuesday I am off. Sunday I will probably veg out and do egg dying. Tuesday I'll be cleaning house while the boys are in school. One minor school complaint: They have Mendel's class write down homework and whatnot in their notebook, we sign it and we send it back in. Thursday they had them write "No school Friday or Monday. Happy Easter!" Happy Easter? We don't celebrate Easter. We're not Christians. Why is a Christian holy day being added to my sons PUBLIC SCHOOL book? *grumbles*... note time again. I must be the bitchiest parent in 4th grade.