Work Xmas Party

I wasn't really sure if I was going to the Christmas party. We've had so much rain lately that the closest road to get into town has been flooded over. And today it really didn't look like the rain was going to let up.
 But I'd already paid my $45 to attend - as I'm not part of the social club and therefore had to pay - so I thought I'd better get my moneys worth. Which now looking back I realise there is no way in hell that the food and the entertainment were worth $45, but I'm still glad I went.
I had a small bout of anxiety when I wondered what to wear. But I had such a small selection that I really wasn't able to think about it too much. And then the cats decided for me whether I should go with my slacks or my skirt by peeing on my skirt - Thanks sweeties -_-;
It turned out that what I wore didn't really matter anyway because wow, some of the people were dressed horrendously. So I wouldn't have even raised an eyebrow with my red crepe somewhat frilly shirt and my black slacks. 
I sat with Karen who works in finance and she'd brought her friend Marg. And then our table filled up with some ladies who must've already been drinking before the party, which made for some entertaining moments. Also Kyle sat with us, no doubt to woo the women. I swear he gets off on being their eye candy. I'm happily immune to his charms :) 
I had a couple of glasses of wine very early in the morning. And being someone who doesn't drink I felt the effects very quickly. So I was conned into singing the chorus for Del Shannon's Runaway. And then people were like, "Oh wow, you can sing, where have you been hiding that?"
Well, this eventually led to me singing "I'm a Believer" on strage. Biiiiiiig mistake. I couldn't hear myself think over the drums, let alone sing. So I probably sucked big time. Ah well, by that stage everyone was pretty much drunk. Those that weren't probably don't work with us :D
But no, it was a really enjoyable night. I'm glad I went. And hey, if the worst I can regret is one song I stuffed up and sang badly, then that's pretty good! After the work party most of the people decided to go out to a nightclub but boring old me decided I'd be mature and get home to my cats. Plus I have church tomorrow and I've had a bad experience on the night club front. 
The only thing is during the night I did feel a little lonely. Strange that in a party full of people how one can feel lonely. But I wish I had someone to dance with at times. Some of the people dancing were so beautiful you just wanted to be part of it. Ah, bittersweet I guess. 
But in the end I'm good. I know somewhere out there is a guy for me. And even if there's not I'm okay with that too. I'm just happy that I had some good company tonight and I felt like I belonged :)