Work out day 2

After doing yesterdays workout, Jillian Michaels banish fat, boost metabolism for the 40 minutes, her other dvd, 30 day shred seemed like a treat. I woke up this morning and my whole body was in pain, but still managed to get through the whole of todays workout. I feel good for it though so thats something :) I have the Dukan diet book here too but its something I'm not sure about right now as I dont know if I can live off just veg and protien until I have lost all the weight I want. I will keep that for when I am stuck in a weight loss plateu, and use it for those last few pounds. Right now though Im taking it slowly and changing one bad eating habit a week. This week I have stopped snacking on chocolate, next week I will take fatty food out of my meals and carry on that way. Luckily, after the dvds, I don't feel like I could drink cola as it will give me a stitch lol. Never mind, still in pain but doing yoga tommorow to give my aching muscles a break then go back to the 40 minute one on saturday. If I add yoga in between every two days My muscles wont hurt so much than if I do the 2 dvds every day. Urgh lunch time now, gonna have cereal and an apple with a glass of water and feel good for the rest of the day because I havent quit my fitness goals yet :)