Woo Hoo

Saturday my son wanted me to take him to the eye doctor in case they put those drops in the eye to dialate them. Leaving him unable to drive.
First I ran over to the fabric store . Then walked back to check on him . He finished and we left . 
As we're leaving I decided to stop at the book store .
I bought four books by an author that I was just about to finish a trilogy he wrote I only had a few chapters left and wanted another book .
I was being taken away to far away lands with kings and gueens. That kinda thing that takes your mind off whats really going on.
I finished  the last few chapters when I got home .
 Next day ready to dive into one of my new books to discover it was autographed by the author. All four books I purchased . I called the store to see if they had him in there for a signing and they said it wasn't an official signing but he stopped in and signed all the books on the shelf. 
I have a complete trilogy autographed . 
I've never had an autographed book before. How exciting.



how wonderful! magic....