wonderful day

today is almost over and what a good day it has been. I chatted with a friend here for awhile today. got my nails done and now i am babysitting one of my grand kids 8^)                                                                          tomorrow i meet with a counselor that i have been avoiding. a student over at the college tried getting me to go to her so i stopped going to that class (long story) so she gave my number to this lady and she called me. people keep telling me that i need to talk to someone because of the trauma i went through with Nattie. my dad passing away the day before mothers day. and stuff that haunts me. i have talked to counselors and nothing seems to help.i am glad that i am on the meds i am on and try to seem normal when i am around others. i don't think that you can ever erase trauma. i will go and please her but i don't think much of it so it probably won't continue. it just stirs up the memories again and i will never forget the blue lips that i saw that day. enough of the bad ending on a happy note tonight 8^)



I hope that you will go to this session with this firmly in mind.

1. Others are telling you that this trauma is definitely affecting you in ways that are unhealthy;

2. They are, even if misguided and more than nosey, concerned about you and care enough to say something or to try to steer you to help;


3. No, you will never get over the trauma at all! However, you can learn methods, strategies, techniques and can gain tools that will help you during those times.

Jung, unlike Freud, believed that we never get over our psychological ills. He, unlike Freud, believed that people can never be \"cured\" psychologically. However, he did believe that, through therapy, one can gain perspective on the problem, create personal ways to deal with these demons (colloquial here) so that we can manage our overall reactions so that they do not cause us more harm or re-traumatization. We can do this by learning about the trauma and learning how we deal with such things individually so that, at the end of the tunner. one can emerge with much more happiness.

Please, keep me up to date. If you need to talk to someone who won\'t tell you how you should feel or how you should react, I am here for you. All you need to do is ask.

HUGS a plenty.