went camping over the weekend.  It was not unbearably hot this time, thankfully.  I did however feel tingling in my right leg the day we went up.  I knew something was gonna happen as I had the tough time getting my words out this past week. I jumbled up a sentence and it made no sense at all.  The person I was talking to was a client and just laughed at me.  I slept poorly Friday night.  I had a bit of pain and it woke me. Saturday I woke with lots of pain in my right arm and leg.  I drank a lot of coconut water and it helped.  I have not experienced this in my right arm until now.  I had tingling in the right hand.  Painful cramping in the hand, wrist and shoulder.  I have also been experiencing stabbing pain in the right eye.  My husband wants me to find a new neuro now.  He said I have waited long enough.  I agreed to it, so will find someone soon.