Without Socks

I was thinking about how events in my life led to other events the other day.  How something happens and it's affects aren't seen till sometime later.  And I thought of one series in particular.  Without Socks, there wouldn't be Foxy.  Socks was my Mom's dog.  The last pet in her life.  I came home one day and she told me she was getting a puppy from next door.  Just out of the blue, she told me.  Her mind wasn't all that great at the time,but I thought it might be good for her.  So Socks came to live with us.  He was named Socks because he had four black feet.  Socks was a handfull and I did most of the caring of him and he helped me through my bypass surgery.  When Mom died, I couldn't send him to the animal shelter so I had to find a house with a fenced-in backyard to rent.  Apparently, he didn't like my choice and discovered he could get out.  He didn't stay close to home when he got out, roaming several blocks away.  He had a name tag with his name and mine and my phone number on it and I'd get a call saying someone had him and I'd go pick him up.  I tried chaining him in the backyard and he cried so much, the neighbors complained.  Keeping him in the house was out of the question.  He'd grown too big and rowdy.  When a lady called me New Year's Day to say she had him, I was really upset.  When I picked him up, I told the lady about his roaming and she said if I ever wanted to get rid of him, call her.  She'd fallen in love with him,(not a hard thing to do.  he was great.) and had a six foot wooden fence that he couldn't get out of.  Well, about a week later, she got a call and Socks got a new home.  Now, I was in a house, all alone with nobody to talk to or play with.  I got lonely and in May of that year, I made the trip to the no-kill shelter and found the love of my life,,,Foxy.  Soooo, without Socks, there wouldn't be a Foxy!