Wisdom to Accept Things

I've calmed down a little bit, realizing that--really--there isn't much more I can do about the debt issue.  I really am doing all I can to the best of my ability.  Like the Serenity Prayer says, wisdom to accept things I can't change.
Which enlightened me about my sister a little.  When she gets into my business, she is getting into things that only I can deal with if I so choose.  SHE cannot change it, nor should she.  In fact, I don't even think she should worry about it!  But if she does, please keep it to herself.
My son & I have been developing a rapport over the past couple months.  We still have our moments, but overall it's been pretty good.  Can I completely trust him?  Not yet.  Is he trying harder in school?  Yes, though I don't think he's 100% there yet.  But I think we are making relational progress, at least.  And I'm hoping the other stuff will fall into place.
Next week, the kids, the dog & I are going camping (my husband has to work).  It should be fun!  They know they have to pitch in more than in the past, and I'm hoping it'll be a positive experience for them.  I really, really need this break!