wiped out

IOP this morning, 2 hour nap, therapy session this afternoon, 2 hour phone conversation....
wiped out - first fatigue & falling then panic attack.  Can't let myself get that tired!!
Thank God for caring housemates.  2 chatted with me, 1 brought me a blanket, 1 sat with me through the attack. (and I have 3 housemates... figure that one out. - or "Two fathers and two sons went fishing.  Each caught a fish, altogether they caught 3 fish.  How can this be?")
Not going to IOP tomorrow.  Therapist and I agreed too far a drive for me.  Am checking into another closer facility, but will also try to get a note from my dermatologist saying I can't endure more than "x" hours of activity outside my home so that I may be able to do part of the program if it's longer than 3 hours.
Barely in range for calories.  Low appetite this evening.  Does shaking for an hour count as physical exercise???