Wintry Days

Had a big couple of months.
Went through about 10 physio sessions to get my arm straightened out, literally to straighten it out because it was all cramped up in the elbow. Looks as good as new now. Have a "tough" scar on my upper lip and apart from that you would never know how I had flown over the handlebars.
Spent 10 days in Vegas during June. Was a great break from work and all that goes along with it. Weather was perfect and I got to go Mountain Biking which wasn't something I had ever done before. I managed to come off the bike twice but they were very tame falls and no scarring was caused at all. Was a great experience. Ate way too much and drank a lot more than usual. We have been back for a 3 weeks and we are only just starting to eat normally again.
We moved last weekend. We had been moving over the previous 2 weeks but it was finished last weekend. Dannii's parents have moved North to the warmer weather for an undetermined amount of time so we are looking after their place probably for at least the next 12-18 months. It's further away from most of the places we go to including work and town but as we aim to build even further away it gives us a good idea of what we will be getting ourselves into.
Starting at a new gym today and will hopefully start to see the damage of Vegas drop off over the next few weeks. 



Hi, glad to hear that your life is going well. You certainly are keeping fit, with a few abrasions from time to time. You seem to have got back all your confidence without too many interuptions from your \'old\' complaint. Hope you enjoy your new location. Best wishes, Ruth