Winter Dilemma

Hi all. Well my area is in the midst of it's first real snow storm of the season. It's very pretty and serene when I look out the window and see the snow covered vista. But this also presents a bit of a problem for me. ..Snow removal from my driveway.   Now I live in the St. Louis area and we usually don't get hit too hard by Old Man Winter. We do get very cold weather at times and a few winter storms ,but ,for the most part our winters aren't bad when compared with our more northern neighbors. This however is what causes my problem with snow removal. Last yearI was just able to shovel my way out. This year I don't know. I know that last year I considered buying a snow blower but with our area only experiencing two or three big storms a season, I couldn't justify the cost. It's possible that I might buy one and not use it for a  couple of years. Then again, that might not be bad if I view it as snow "insurance".  I would pay some enterprising youngster but they are very rare these days. Too many video games I guess. I'll probably try and tackle it myself and see how it goes. I can't just ignore it because it will be in the back of my mind and bother me until it's taken care of. I won't be able to focus fully on other things until I deal with it. ( Sort of like the little robot that was in charge of decontamination in the film WALL-E).  I may break down and buy a snow blower. Then if it doesn't snow for a couple of years I'll consider it a reasonable trade off. I know that I'm going to give shoveling a shot if no youngster shows up at my door. I may not be able to complete the job...but I have to try.  I sort of welcome the challenge. It keeps things interesting. Wish me luck...and be well.Tom Update: It seems that luck was with me. My 28 year old son showed up and he shoveled my drive for me. Now that is much cheaper than a snow blower. I can only hope that he'll be available as often as needed because I have seen nary a kid with a shovel anywhere in the neighborhood. Unless you count the 5 year olds with their little plastic shovels who are "helping" their Daddy. I guess the lure of the Xbox is too strong for the older kids. I also have had a pretty good day healthwise. I made it to Wallyworld and handled my walk with just a few breaks and my PF is up by some 100 points. ( I had been in the high 300's to the mid 400's for the past couple of weeks,which is low for me. Today I blew 580. I don't know what caused the drop or the sudden bounce in the pf's but I'll take it...the bounce part that is)So all in all not a bad day.I guess Toro will have to do without my business for now. That makes my wife happy.She says that I don't need anymore gadgets.  But, hey, there's still a lot of winter who knows? I do have their number. Be well,tom