Will there ever be a day???

Is there ever going to be a day when i don't worry about anything that has to do with my body!!?! I am so sick of this! I am sick and tired of my body feeling so weak all of the time and thinking it's some serious health problem like a stroke or a heart attack or a brain tumor or something life threatening!! I am sick and tired of all of this. Just before i was laying down listening to music and my heart started to beat weird and kind of slow and it scared me into thinking i was having a heart attack. So i freaked out a little bit. And then my jaw started to hurt and i remembered that could be a heart attack symptom so i started freaking out a little more. And then my eyes got heavy and tired all of the sudden and my vision went hazy on me and they're still like that!! And then after that happened my leg went numb from the way i was sitting and i started freaking out that it was a stroke!!
When is this going to end!!? Why?! Why can't i just live like a normal 22 year old!? I dont understand why i have to obsess over my health ALL THE TIME!!
I obsess over not being able to grip things very well with either of my hands and i always think its a sign that im having a stroke when in reality its probably all the tension from being stressed out that are causing my hands to do this. My fingers are so stiff that i cant even crack my knuckles anymore most of the time.  But my mind goes STRAIGHT to strokes. Any little weird pain, numbness. My mind will go straight to the worse possible cause imaginable!!!!  I am so sick and tired of this all!!
I feel like my body is FAILING me. I am only 22. I dont smoke, i dont drink, i dont do drugs, im not overweight or obese. But i still feel like my body is failing me. I get sharp pains everywhere. FOR NO REASON!! It's so irritating and unsettling when i dont know why i get all these aches and pains and if theyre even real or imagined! I just wish all of this would just magically go away!! But i doubt that will happen anytime soon. Even if it did i probably wouldnt know what to do with myself because i am used to my body feeling this way, even though i desperately HATE every minuet of it. It's sad that a 22 year old is used to their body feeling like its failing them all the time. I shouldnt be sitting here worrying about my body all day long. I should be out shopping, making friends, doing things, having fun! But guess what?! IM NOT. Im sitting on my bed worrying about every single little thing that could possibly be WRONG with my body and i am SICK and TIRED of it!!!!! 
I want to live like a normal human being and not a nutcase!! I feel like i am going insane because of this stroke fear or because of all my other health fears. I feel like i am literally nuts over this stuff. It's frustrating. I am beyond tired. I cant think straight. My thoughts overlap each other, they get all mixed up in my head and theyre absolutely EVERYWHERE. I also feel like i cant remember ANYTHING!!! i feel like i have dementia or Alzheimer's disease or something! It's very frustrating! I cant move my hands right anymore, I cant grip things properly, i drop things all the times, my hands are weak and so are my arms, and it drives me nuts. My legs feels so weak all the time they feel like they will not support me much longer and it scares me that im going to collapse because of it, but i havent yet. My vision is also very crappy. I feel like im looking through a tunnel all the time, and its scary and aggravating. I am so sick and tired of all of this happening to me!!!!! I am TOOOO YOUNG for this stuff!
I am also loosing my best friend over this shit. and i am sick of it. However i am NOT surprised. Shes not being very supportive right now. She has no idea how hard it is to live with OCD or hypochondria. Im glad she doesnt but she laughs at me like its a damn joke, and its not. I have no idea why she does that, but i tell her it hurts my feelings when she laughs at me but she doesnt listen and acts like she doesnt even give a shit if it hurts my feelings or not. I dont even know if she likes me or cares about me at all.. It's sad how she reacts to this problem i have. I understand that she probably doesnt want to hear it all of the time but she doesnt have to be rude and laugh about it. Because im going through my own personal hell, and its not funny to me.
All and all im just sick and tired of everything thats been going on with me physically right now. And it really sucks. I dont even know what to do anymore. IM DONE.