Just a quick note so I don't forget. (already forgot to write about when it happened!) A couple of nights ago I was leaving a friends site and driving home when my headlights lit up a dog running loose. Dogs are not allowed to be off leash or even outside when the owners are not with them. So I moved my headlights to follow the "dog" when I realized it was a large(!) coyote running near my site! There is a fence around the entire campground so I didn't think they ever got in. But I should have known better, we have an exponentially exploding rabbit population. (sorry about the different colors having a problem with fonts etc.) Then last Monday I was talking out front of my trailer with a neighbor when a hawk flew so low I thought I could have grabbed him! He was all plump and soft feathers on his tummy, but 2 smaller birds were chasing him, so he obviously had been doing what he shouldn't!!LOL!
Then just now I went out to water my plants. I have a begonia that I am coaxing back to life. Well I thought I saw some dead brown leaves peaking out of new green ones so I tried to pick them out. Son of a gun they disappeared and they were squishy! As I look closer(its a very small pot!) there is a little brown frog starring back at me. So I quickly put it down(the pot). I like knowing the frog is there, just don't want to try and squish him any more. LOL! Now I need to and want to re-pot that plant but I guess I will have to wait for the frog to leave.
My bird has almost chewed through his perch! He has more than one, but I guess he got too lonely lately, since I haven't been home much lately. Will have to get another perch and see if he will chew on something more appropriate like his cuttle bone!
Tonight is Bible study night, so hopefully I will make it and they will have a fire afterwards. I just love to sit around the fire and talk and just plain old relax. We have been terribly overcast the past few nights so the stars will probably not be out, but I just love looking at them.