Wii Walk It Out Finished!

I got Wii Walk It Out in February, 2010.  It took a few times of playing it to get the hang of it, but once I did, it became addictive.  It was so easy to play for an hour at a time.  You put the nunchuck in your pocket (acts as the pedometer) and you hold the remote.  As you walk around, marching/walking to the beat of the music, you get "points" for every step you hit on the beat.  (The game subtracts points for missing the beat, but you turn this off as it is too frustrating to lose points.)  As you collect your points, you point the remote at these "capsules."  The island (Rythm Island) is very bland at first.  Just an arena basically.  You click on the capsules and "buy" stuff.  40 points for a deciduous tree, 300 points for an apartment building, 250 points for Burger Champ, 225 points for boutique, etc.  There is one area that is a shopping district, 1 area with (eventually) flowers and cows and pastures and Look Out Mountain, the arena area, a water fountain area and park, etc.  And you also buy songs and zodiac signs.  If you play at 8am, the lighting is like 8am in real life!  If you play at 10pm, it is night time with stars and any zodiac signs you have collected!  The lights are lit in the houses and shops.  You also collect rainbows and times on the clock.  This way, if you are playing at 7pm and want to see daylight, if you have collected 8am, you change the time on the clock and play like it is 8am!  So anyway, I played on "Easy" setting with no penalties for missed steps.  I finally finished it last night!  Woo Hoo!
I burned 7572.9 calories.  I walked 81.4 miles.  I took 318,300 steps
I figure I will put it aside for a month or so and then do it again.