Widows meeting

Last night (Aug 6, 2013) I went to a meeting for widows. I came away feeling better than when I went in. The meetings are once a month.
There were 7 of us there. I think it was the first time for everyone. We've all lost our husbands this year.
It was good to hear others having the same emotions I'm having. They talked about the confusion, the fog we seem to be in, the forgetfulness.
I said the people I work with 8 hours a day don't seem to understand. Sure, this happened to me 2 1/2 months ago, but I live it every day, they don't. They have their own lives to get on with and I understand that. I just wish they understood when I need time to get my head together so I don't start crying during my shift.
The meeting is sponsored by the local hospital and there are other bereavement groups that meet throughout the month.
I think I'll go back and maybe check out a couple of the other meetings.



Aug. 10, 2013. Today it will be 20 years since we moved here. Too bad Bob couldn\'t be here. I miss him, but am trying to go on with my life. I\'ll be having lunch with a lady who lost her husband 1 1/2 years ago. I think it will help me to get out and talk with others who have gone thru this tragic loss.