Why Is It Always Up To Me?

I've come to realize that the relationships that I have been in and still in, which aren't that many, are the one's I have started.  This is my third year in college now and I 've made only a handful of friends.
Why is it all up to me to talk to people and make friends?  How come no one ever starts conversations with me?  Do I give off some kind of evil aura or something? I don't have body odor or anything.  It can't be my personality because people can't know that beforehand.    I don't know what it is that makes people not talk to me.  I really wish I knew so I could change it.  I just wish the people start conversations once and awhile and get to know the true me; not the quiet guy that sits in the back.



I understand what you mean. People rarely ever start a conversation with me. I\'m always the one to text or call and ask my \'friends\' how they\'re doing. I wish some of my friends would text me for a change. Sometimes I worry if it is something about me that\'s off putting, I wish I knew so that I could change it. A lot of shy and quiet people have this problem. I try to initiate conversation with other quiet people I see, Like people eating by themselves in the cafeteria (which I do often). Some people are really charasmatic, and don\'t have a problem making friends at all, but for people like us this can be more difficult. I would suggest maybe using your talents as a hook to lure people in. I know you play the guitar, a lot of people think that\'s cool maybe you could find some place to play it on campus, like a talent show where you would get noticed. I think it\'s about finding a way to lure people in so they know you\'re very fun and interesting to be around. We\'ll just have to keep trying, until something breaks through.