Why I'm in these support forums

I'm a 52 year old woman, married 26 years with two grown daughters.  My younger daughter has emotional problems (bipolar/borderline/ADD) still being diagnosed.  My husband I are in the process of adopting her 3 yr old daughter who we've been raising since birth. Between my daughter's mental health issues and my own (panic disorder), it can be a lonely life trying to start parenting all over again in middle age.  There is a lot of dysfunction in my family between my 2 daughters, between my younger daughter and me, and between her and her dad.  Even more challenging, my granddaughter is very strong-willed, stubborn and moody.  I fear she has been damaged by the months here and there that  her mother lived with us, the fights between my daughter and me about her lack of parenting common sense, and now the inconsistent contact my granddaughter has with her parents. I don't want to cut my granddaughter off from her mother because they do have a bond.  But it's a double-edged sword.  Help!