Why i'm here

Im here because my 2 year old son sustained a TBI due to abuse from my former finacee. I work 2nd shift 3-11:30 pm and my ex used to watch my son while i was at work because he was unemployed at the time. We were engaged to be married and had plans for him to adopt my son and were expecting. One night i came home from work and went in to check on my son as i always do when i get home but when i walked in his room his breathing was funny i tried to wake him but he wouldn't wake up so i rushed him to the hospital where they ran some tests and did cat CAT scan. They CAT scan came back that he brain was bleeding. He was flew to another hospital where they performed a life saving brain surgery. After the surgery the nuerosurgen had pulled me aside and said that he was almost positive that this injury had occured from abuse even though their were no exterior marks on my son he had said that possible my son had been shaken or even maybe blunt force tramua even after his surgery and all the blood had been drained and his right boneflap had been removed he wasn't sure if my soon would live. My son was in a coma for about a day after he woke up he was talking right away. His left side of his body remained paralizyed for a few weeks but eveutually my little fighter taught himself how to walk again. His left hand though is still not very functional were working on it with the PT/OT and with time im sure he will bring it back. Also my son has lost alot of his focus due to the part of the brain that was damaged hes like an extreme ADHD child but he can't be treated with medicine. Even more frustrating is that the bastard that did this to my son. He left the hospital and our lifes right away but it's been 3 months and no crimanal charges have been brought agaisnt him yet. I call the detecive and prosucuter everyday i keep getting told that his warrant is in the works. whats taking so long?  I just recently gave birth to our child were we expecting on june 1st. His parental rights are up for termanation but a trial hasn't been set for that either. I feel like it never will being as its been 3 months and his child abuse charges are going nowhere. Right now i'm thankful and blessed that my son is alive and doing so well he surprised everyone even doctors and nuerosurgens. He is the toughest little man i know.