Why Did She Take Me Off Coumadin?

I'm feeling angry at my current hematologist. When I had my first PE (massive and bilateral), my hematologist, at the time, found a prothrombin gene mutation.I was also on Yasmin My hematologist at the time was so great.She explained that hormonal BC was a risk factor.She also explained that the prothrombin gene mutation was a risk factor.Since the prothrombin gene mutation was only discovered in 1996, there is no known long term outcomes for patients with it. She let me make the call about whether to stay on Coumadin after a year or not.She was very collaborative about my healthcare.We discussed the bleeding risks associated with Coumadin and the clotting risks associatedwith going off.I decided to stay on for a bit longer...  Then, she moved.I got switched to a new hematologist.She insisted that I go of Coumadin.  Right away.  No matter what I wanted. She was a bit of a jerk about it. Guess what?Here I am with another clot in my lung, waiting for it to dissolve... I have to see her next week to follow up regarding this clot and I really don't want to seeher.  I'm angry at her to be honest. The rational side of me knows that she was trying to reduce my bleeding risk by taking me offCoumadin.  But she knew I had a prothrombin gene mutation.  She knew I had had one PE and she set me up to have another.  I am angry.