Who will want me?

   Who will want me once I am gone from this life and on to a new one?Will I still have any of my sparkle and shine, or will I be worn and faded from the struggle to survive divorce,depression, and desertion.   Who will want me then?\\   When i want to take off my perfect magic housewife apron that has grown to me like a second skin.   When I no longer want to scrub the walls and floors until i have back spasms, or will I be to lazy, less vibrant,.........  Who will dance with me now in my true spirit where I should be able to thrash my long thin braids around to "The Bettles Greatest Hits" while moving my long brown legs to sasha on down.   Who will want me then?When I want to feel your hands wet and sticky with fun food in brilliant colors and textures that you use to paint upon my canvas body?Who then, will want me?As, i stare wide eyed at an art display with visiond and hope. Sitting in silence and stillness and watching this magnificent creation we call Art. I want to draw in the patterns through my  eyes,through my breath until they  divide me from within to different spaces