Who Owns Which Car Brands?

Who Owns Which Car Brands?

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The auto industry has a very confusing family tree. The past decade has seen partnerships, sales, separations, bankruptcies, and entire divisions killed off, making it difficult to keep up with who owns which car brands.

As automakers have slimmed down to become more profitable and efficient, we have seen storied names, such as Hummer, Mercury, Oldsmobile, and Pontiac, fade into the history books. We have seen others, such as Chrysler, Jaguar, and Volvo, find new corporate parents, often outside their original country.To help clear up some of the confusion, we present a road map to who owns which car brands sold in the U.S.

Several brands that have been retired are included in the list, such as Scion, because models are still readily available on the used-car market. We have omitted small-volume brands, such as Aston Martin and Ferrari, that are without major automaker parent companies.

Most brand names link to brand pages, where you will find links to current and past road tests.

Of course, the list is subject to change. To find out how the major brands compare in reliability, owner satisfaction, and road-test performance, see our brand report cards.