whit a time

well hello again journal old pal.......no news for ages and then it seems as if a social life comes up and bites me on the arse........First of all i have to say that the girls got through their visit to the vets unscathed..no teeth removed thankfully, but a lot of attitude did come home with them. Neither troi or dali would come anywhere near me when we got them home.......as ususal though dali cracked first and we were pals again, troi on the other hand does tend to hold a grudge. When i was off to bed i went over to her to put a small blanket over her and say goodnight.....at first i got growled at and then hissed at....charming.....so she remained on the couch all night and only began to forgive me the next day.I was off to edinburgh on saturday to watch the sing-a-long-a-sound of music at the playhouse theatre....well what an experience!!!!  Its an hours train journey from where i stay, and i have to admit that i was feeling a tad paniky on the way in. Although i was with my cousin karen, her boyfriends daughter danni and my friend justin, it was the first time since all this panic nonscense started up again that i had been into a big city without mick, so i just tried to focus on what a good time i would have and not on how long i would be out the house for. I have to say that it worked.........We stuffed our faces at a gorgeous itallian bistro and then followed the huge crowd of 'nuns' that were decending on the playhouse......there were nuns, nazis, von trapps, bees, girls with blue satin saches and a shed load more.......what a howl we all had, doing the actions to the songs and hissing at the baronness.....all aided of course with a small sniffter of alcohol...there were several funny incidents that happened on the day as well, and a few dramas to boot...like missing the last train home....but all in all i have to say that i had a great time.I shall sign off here now on a good note, for all seems promising at the moment...........TTFN xx