where i'm up to

Hi ya!
well after a bout of being sick and now having 'that time of the month' i haven't been as wonderfully productive in the cardio area as i'd hoped. I have however stuck to gentle exercising, and tried the a.m/p.m yoga by rodney yee which I really enjoyed last night! 
My tummy muscles and back are quite sore!
Also my tummy feels a little smaller than a week ago - not saying it's obvious to anyone else - but i think cutting down on the junk food has made a difference already. I no longer crave chocolate like I used to! amen to that.
I am very aware however the effect mood has on exercise - or any motivation.
Negative mood really crushes the spirit and so I'm pursuing this to renew my mind daily, and have the mind of Christ .... Gods word points to do this in the bible.
I AM SO EXCITED that I have zumba - i borrowed it from my sister who bought it a while ago... and my mail order of the dvds 30 day shred and tony anderson's mat workout came so I'll be having fun with those throughout the week now that my tummy is better..  just have to be on the alert for negative thoughts, past ruminating, and managing my stress and anger feelings better by adopting a healthier thought life!
Treat today was having the day off work, pancakes for breakfast with pure maple syrup and a decaf coffee - mid morn a few banana crisps and lunch a healthy salad!