Where I have been!

I haven't been on DS for some time as i have been in and out of hospital trying to get my medications right for my bipolar.  Its been a rough road since March but happy to say I am now feeling really good.  Not elevated, just normal.  For a while there, I didn't know what normal was.
I have started going to a local Bipolar Support group once a month and i was amazed to find that I am the only one with private health cover so all the others have to trudged through the public system and even seem to have to manage their own medications.
I feel so privileged to be able to ring my clinic and get back in as soon as i  need changes to my meds if i am at risk on my own.
I feel strongly that there needs to be more available to the less fortunate in the way of holistic treatments.  With Bipolar Affective Disorder, it is my belief that medication is the 1st line of treatment with Psychotherapy etc following close behind.
I hope to eventually be able to play a part in the future.  I have know idea how but i'll make it happen somehow.




that\'s good to hear. I agree with the holistic approach. It seems to be the best method so far.