where did the summer go?

Can you believe that it is almost September?  I think this has been the fastest summer on record.  I guess when you live by cycles you count off the month by days it disappears quickly.
I pray all of you are ok this morning. My prayer list gets longer on DS, every time I make a friend I add them on.
Steve is off this morning with a friend to the Auto Fair in Charlotte, NC.   Thank you Lord I didn't have to go.  I have walked around the speedway with him before looking at beautiful cars, and the infield is filled with absolute JUNK!!  I mean a zillion pieces of what ever a car would ever need to restore it to it's original state. But to me it's a heap of crap. LOL And to go to the bathroom you have to climb the million steps UP the grandstand!!! For a woman with hip and leg pains it's torture.
Steve was having a little nausea so took along meds for that plus his feet was beginning to bother him AGAIN, so he took a pain med.  Now if I took either one of those I would sleep for a few days.  I guess your body adjust as you take them so as not to make you  sleepy.  
I am so tempted to crawl back into the bed but I have a box of tomaotes waiting to be juiced for soup this winter.  Steve loves home made vegetable soup so I try to put away juice for the the coming winter. I think this makes the 7th box I have done so after these I am DONE!!  No more and I don't want to see another tomato for a few weeks.  He tells me he can taste the soup when he can taste nothing else. So I do it for the one I love.
I hope everyone has a blessed week-end  and I will chat with you later.
PS.  My little friend Carey, with the colon cancer, is so so sick. Her temps have been so high, once at 107.7.   She is still hanging on.  Please pray for mercy.  I pray God's best angels will come for her.   The is nothing else to be done.   
Love to each of you,   Wanda