When will those teeth arrive?

My poor little one has been suffering with the teething for over 3 months it seems and each month it get worse for her.  I have been giving her Motrin per DR and we found these amazing teething pills which we dissolve in a little water for her and it works ASAP.  I feel so bad to watch her try and gum her toys and then that is where the crying begins.  She has not had fevers thank the LORD but you can see the white of the teeth at the top of her gums.  It looks as though she will be getting the tops first.  Other then the teething she is doing great.  She is so smart, she knows her toes, fingers, how to pat a cake and also she knows her one toy which is a fish.  All you have to say if get your fishy and she picks it up with no problems.  Her vocabulary is getting bigger to.  She loves to hay HI in her little girl voice which just melts my heart.  I think she is going to be a shopper like her mother because she loves to go to the Mall and look at toys and clothes.  She is getting soooo BIG and seems to be growing by the second.  I miss having a little little baby but I love how fun she is now.  I hope all is well with everyone and I will try to get some new photos up of her as soon as I figure this computer out again.