When The WInd blows

You ran away in laughter.  You came to me with fears,
We hugged and faced disaster.  We cried so many tears.
But as the day is ending And the night turns out the light
See the gifts I've given Know my work is done.
When the wind blows than our garden grows
And the fields are gold and fine
Then the Love you've left behind is the fruit that turns to wine.
The Candle keeps on burning.  The fire warms and glows.
The snow will keep on falling.  The river always flows.
I've shared my many secrets.  Sung you songs at night.
My touch, my kidd, my truth will live within your heart.
So look on all I've planned As I take away my hand
So as the day is ending And night turns out the light.
I see the gifts I've given I know my work is done.
This song speaks unbelievable true words.  I will save for my memories of you