When Do You Have a Right for A Free Legal Help?

If you have a problem with a utility service provider, a mobile operator, a neighbor or even a member the family, the authorities of the Interior Ministry, the prosecutor's office or the court - in any case, you can use lawyer assistance criminal law firm Ottawa - that is your constitutional right. In law-defined cases, you can also use free legal counseling.

What can you turn to for a lawyer?

1. For advice or a problem that has its own legal existence;

2. For preparation of different types of documents:

- to conclude an agreement;
- to put a problem at an institution;
- to prepare a case before a court;

3. For filing a case before a court or other body in the country or in the European Union;

4. To hire a lawyer to represent you before a court or other institution;

5. To protect you if you am detained by the police for 24 hours.

You have the right to receive free lawyer help:

*In case you have the right to receive monthly social assistance;
*If you have the right to receive targeted heating aid during the winter months of that or the previous year;
*If you are placed in a specialized institution for the provision of social services;
*If you are a child placed in a foster family or family of relatives and relatives;
*If you are a child at risk;
*If you are an adult and study regularly in a secondary school and are under 20 or have a regular education at a higher education institution and are under 25 years of age;

*If you have suffered from domestic or sexual violence or trafficking in human beings, and do not have the means, but wish to use lawyer protection;
*If you are a refugee seeking international protection and asylum;
*If you are a foreigner and placed in a special home for the temporary accommodation of foreigners and do not have the means but want to enjoy lawyer protection;
*If you are an accused or a defendant for a criminal offense and the law provides for mandatory lawyer protection in pre-trial proceedings and court proceedings.

Attention! You are entitled to free legal counsel whenever you take part in legal proceedings - criminal, civil or administrative, want to use the services of a lawyer, but have no money to hire one, and the interests of justice require you to be represented by a professional.

How can you get a free legal counseling?

You can apply to the National Legal Aid Bureau, together with the necessary documents that certify your right to free legal aid. In this case, once your application has been examined and approved, the local Bar will appoint a lawyer.
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