The first round in the tri-city shuffle is nearly ready to load up. Moving my two main work areas to the development site 190 miles northwest of here will open up space here in the Urban Homestead. That newly opened space will be filled with pieces from the in-law homestead 150 miles southeast of here. It could turn into a four city shuffle if the nephew 200+ miles to the south gets in on the show. We can only guess there. Communications with the other branch of the family tree are still new and untested.

I have not made any attempts to hire outside help for the grunt work. This family is well endowed with big, strapping, youngish men, but getting them to actually help is domestically challenging, however quick they are to volunteer in idyllic moments. That notorious gap between say and do can be daunting. Egg shell waltz, anyone?

Hubs and I are feeling our senior aches, but holding steady, we think. At least we are not sniping at each other. So far, at least. We are still tripping in all the loose ends, but keeping the reactions reasonably gentle.

Onward through the whelming. . . Small steps, big faith and lots of healing hopes.



Best of luck executing your shuffle! Sounds like you've got a plan.