Wow, it's been almost a week since my last post.  That's unusual for me.
I'm still exercising almost every day.  I think I can see myself starting to tone up a bit.  I'm finally down to half a pound above where I was when I decided to start losing weight. :) 
I've been crazy busy.  Which is awesome.  Cuz I've been a bum for about 6 months....
Anyway, I'm getting my piano and Latin teaching set up.  That's been keeping me busy. Finally got my website updated and figured how to do on-line classes.  Sorry - not posting that here - this is my 'other world'.  It's like in Mario Brothers when you go down the tube and are in the dark underworld - there's different music and the bad guys look different - but you're the same person.... wow, where did that come from?  I guess I've been playing Mario Brothers with my friend too much lately.
I'm going back to Massachusetts to visit my family on Wednesday.  I'll be there 3 weeks.  Should be good.  One bro is having a graduation party - high school.  I just found the awesomest book for him at Barnes and Noble today.  It's called "This book does not exist."  It's all about paradoxes and brain twisters.  I almost wish I bought it for myself.  Maybe I'll show up with it, and read it w/the family then wrap it the day before the party. :D
And, one of my churches in MA is having a flea market and I've decided to try selling my hand painted greeting cards.  So I'm making a bunch.  After I've got a slew of them made, I'll pick the post, scan them, and print them.  Then I can sell the prints, and the originals can be at a higher price.  It will be good to see the people at that church again.