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I haven't posted in a bit, I hope everyone is well. I am still dealing with my son's illness. I am still not convinced that he really does have fibromyalgia.  We go to see a genetics doctor on Oct. 13 I am hoping he can give me some answers. I recently stumbled across something called Cushing's syndrome, and he has alot of the symptoms and it mimicks fibromyalgia. It also would explain why he keeps putting on weight no matter what we do. It also might explain his nosebleeds if there is a tumor on his pituitary. We did get a blessing though, he got a scholorship to a weight management program at the local fitness club. He will be going 3 times a week for Three 12 week sessions with fitness experts and doctors , so we will see what happens. He has missed 12 days of school this month. He had the H1N1 flu the first week of the month and then went back to school the day after labor day, then was sick all last week with the regular flu. Now he is home today with a sorethroat and not feeling well. At this rate I may have to look into home schooling! My husband is stable with his health issues so it is nice to have him for support rather than having to deal with his health too at this point, I am not sure I could handle both. Not to mention my job keeps me away from home 10 to 11 hours a day. What I wouldn't give to be a stay at home mom!