What You Need To Know About Vending Machines

Vending machines, as we know them today, are the most convenient sources of getting items that we need instantly. No matter whether it is untimed craving for food or snacks or need of beverages on the way to quench your thirst, you can find just the right of type of vending machine whether you are in school or at petrol station. But do you know everything about vending machines? Think about it for a while, because you may not know about the vending machines and its history yet.


History of Vending Machines:

The history of vending machines goes back to the ancient times where a similar mechanism was used to drop coins into the machine to get a stream of water. After that, a similar concept of vending machines was used in England through which tobacco is sold. Later on in 1822, an English bookseller makes use of the concept to sell banned books. The vending machines that we use today were introduced in the 1880s and were first used by the United States to sell postcards at the post offices and notepapers at the train stations.

After that, the first drinking vending machine came into existence in 1990 which fills soda in the cups and soon after that in 1993 Coca Cola Company started using vending machines to dispense drinking bottles which is followed by Pepsi Cola Company soon after that. Today these beverage vending machines are found almost everywhere.

Soon after the success of beverage vending machines, snacks vending machines were introduced which became common at schools, petrol stations, bus stations, etc. the modern modifications were made in the vending machines in 2000s which accepts credit cards to give the right amount of change. Today vending machines are also used to sell higher priced products like medications, laundry products and some others.

Modern Variations of Vending Machines:

Today, vending businesses are getting more and more concerned about providing value to the customers and new vending machines are introducing in the market which provides healthy alternatives to the junk snacks and unhealthy beverages. These machines are going green in order to preserve the environment and the manufacturers are getting conscious about the provision of organic food to the users as well. You can see the review here about the latest vending machines available in the market if you are planning to start your vending machine business any time soon.