what would you do?

I may have mentioned this before but a few weeks ago I was supposed to meet with the asst. principal (high school) so I could show him the program I presenting at the Middle School.  Well, he cancelled last minute because of a schedule change and couldn't meet.  He never mentioned rescheduling it.  Before he cancelled it, I asked T what he thought of him.  He said he liked the high school principal but didn't like the asst. principal at all. Well, before I get into that - T had gotten into trouble by kicking pop cans down the hall before classes started with a bunch of seniors for Senior Prank Day.  He was told he was allowed to stay in school (detention room) to finish his exams but then he had to leave.  Well, before he was to take the tests the Assistant Principal told him (at least this is how T interpreted it) that he is a piece of "SH-T" and that he will never amount to anything.  I know that T has put this man through the ringer.  And I know that we all say things that are harmful when we're upset BUT - I believe that, if that is what he said, I need to talk to him about it because that was uncalled for.  I know in my heart that the reason T behaved the way he did in school was because he really couldn't do the work.  I know him.  Yes - he's smart, yes - he's creative but he has an awful time concentrating.  If I could do it all over again - I definitely would have worked to find a way to modify his work load back when he was in middle school.  Homework time was horrible.  My husband and I could see how mentally and physically draining it was for him to sit for any length of time - trying to study with us or even having to do homework.  Add drugs to the menu and that spelled disaster. The teachers would constantly comment that he isn't working to his potential, that he should be getting A's, and that he's constantly losing things and not turning in homework.  Even when he completed the homework, he would forget to turn it in or lose it.  It breaks my heart.  This school was not the right fit for him.  I believe he just gave up because he was overwhelmed.  He didn't care about his grades because it took too much effort on his part to do it.  Yes - he could have maybe tried harder but I think it was all the distractions that made it difficult.  My husband doesn't believe the on-line school that was offered by the school awhile ago is the answer.  I do believe it is.  I recall his 4th grade teacher commenting to me that she was surprised that he was able to sit for a standardized test the class took without getting up at all. I wasn't.  Classes these days are less structured than they used to be - lots of activities around which can be distracting.  I believe the on-line school (he could take in the PM, too) is better because there isn't any homework or studying, and no distractions.  Unfortunately, we will have fight for this.  I believe T blew it.  And now that he's turning 18 - he would have to be the one.  I suppose if he wants it and can express it, it will show he's serious about it.  Maybe that was why the Asst. Principal cancelled - T isn't 18 yet.