what to think or do?

J's ex-girlfriend texted me in the middle of the night last night to tell me what he texted her.  He said "That I don't think I will live through this month.  He said he won't be around in August."  He drinks.  He could have been in a black out when he wrote that. This morning he got up, worked in "his" garden, and then offered to go grocery shopping. I didn't say anything to him about this yet.  Trying to figure out what to say or do.  I emailed his counselor but he won't probably see it until Monday.  At 22 years of age ~ losing his gf and having a drinking problem is a bad combination ~ I know.  It's worrisome. He went shopping to "get out the house" ~ he told my husband.  His ex told me last night that he says he doesn't like being at home ~ it depresses him more.  He needs to get out and do stuff.  The activities keep him occupied.
Update:  I ended up texting his counselor and he asked for J's cell #.  I hope he was able to get a hold of him.  I asked him to let me know (twice) but to no avail.  So I must assume he talked to him.  I also talked to J before he left on his walk to the coffee shop and from there his part-time dishwashing job at a local restaurant/pub.  I told him that I was concerned and told him what his ex told me and didn't dispute it.  He just said that nothing is interesting to him anymore.  The thought of registering for school doesn't do anything for him.  I know the drinking is escalating the depression but - damn!  This talk of ending life is scaring me.......  Must keep praying.......
Last night:  I was out late with my husband and oldest son having dinner.  They were at a major baseball league game and waited to eat so that they could eat with me out somewhere.  It was after 11 and I was surprised that ~ not only was the restaurant still serving but other groups of people arrived much later than we had.  It was a beautiful evening ~ eating out on their patio.  At first I turned my son's and husband's invitation down because it was so late but they sounded disappointed so I got ready and decided to go for it.  As we're entering the restaurant my cell goes off.  It was J's counselor.  He said that we're in a tough situation ~ being that J is an adult ~ so communication is out of order unless J agrees to include me.  I asked him if he could ask J if that's possible.  I'm assuming he said yes because the counselor asked if I am available on Monday to meet with them.  I replied "yes" but said I couldn't meet until after 3.  Haven't heard back yet.  I hope that will work because I can't get out of work.
Update:  I don't think we are meeting.  In fact, the counselor accidently texted me instead of J.  He's pushing J to accept treatment and I think it's because of me.  I don't like the fact that J texted his ex-gf and told her he's not planning on living past July.  I guess, in order to intercede, the person must say that they're suicidal at the moment.  It's also scaring me that he told me yesterday (after suggesting treatment) that he will in August.  I asked him "Why August?"?  and he said he didn't know.