What the H!!!

I am just laying here in bed feeling a little ticked(no, a lot) ticked off. Since making my addict daughter move out. And refusing to give her any more money, which I know she was using for her methadone "treatment". It appears that I am the one that wasn't doing anything right and have caused her to be in the mess she is in. My dad, who by the way INSISTED that I refuse to give her money or provide transportation to the hospital. Paid for her methadone "treatment" for the last 4 weeks. And questioned why I had just SENT her there without checking into it and going with her. He said "you can't just send her over there without finding out about it" Are you kidding me?? I didn't SEND her over there. I was totally against it as I was the suboxone "treatment". She is 24 years old!! He has taken her on as his "project". He did last week agree not to pay for the methadone anymore. So she now has her dad buying her xanax from somebody. According to him "to keep her calm while detoxing". Because she is going to do this on her own. No rehab, No nothing! Yeah right! Sunday we got together at my dads for Easter and she called to ask us to please go by her dads and get some xanax from him. She is taking about 3 10mg.a day. He first said no he wasn't going to send it. (I wasn't going to pick it up anyway) when she found out, she called him and talked him into it, but like I said I was not going to pick it up anyway. So all day she was pissed. I was just waiting for her to explode on somebody because that is what she does.however, when I called her dad yesterday he said she was 100% better. Yeah, because he gave her the xanax. I have dealt with this for years. I know how she works. It just pisses me off that they are blaming me that I didn't handle it right. And that they know exactly what they are doing. I am raising her daughter and when taking pictures on Easter my dad kept having her pose for pictures with her mom. Which is fine. But didn't want to take pictures of my husband and I with my granddaghter?? She is almost 4. We have been raising her for 3 years! Its like I am being punished!! Whatever!