What's Spice?


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This is the disturbing second two 'Spice zombies' lay slumped on the street in the midst of Blackburn city centre. A builder films the pair each passed out in broad daylight as he tries to wake them up. Within the clip the man and woman can both be seen laying against a wall outside the town corridor.

They each appear to be closely below the affect of powerful artificial drug spice — at present plaguing towns up and down the country. The video begins with the man strolling past the primary man who's struggling to remain upright. Simply yards later he comes across a girl in the same state. Unlawful excessive: What's Spice?

SPICE is a lab-created drug that may cause extreme hallucinations and make users go out. Before the ban on psychoactive substances in 2016, it was being offered either over the counter or on-line under a wide range of brand names similar to Annihilation and GoCaine. Customers can endure vomiting, seizures, terrifying hallucinations and severe psychotic episodes after consuming the drug.

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It is very addictive with withdrawal signs stated to be worse than coming off crack or heroin. Spice appears significantly rife in Birmingham and Manchester, the place quite a few customers have been hospitalised after taking the drug. It has been dubbed the "zombie drug" because of the impact it might probably have on users, who are often seen staggering around. An ex-spice addict described being on the drug as feeling "brain lifeless".

He walks as much as them each however neither of them appear to know he's there. He tells them to "type your life out" and reminds them there are "children about". The legless bloke is barely able to stand as he is filmed leaning on the wall for help. The clip was posted to social media where it was shared on the “Spice Heads” Facebook web page. The builder who took the clip is understood to have called the police for assist. We pay in your stories! Do you have got a story for The Sun Online information team? Click on here to add yours.

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