What's going on?

All those other
moods like frustrating and anxious aren't appropriate. I am fine and just getting on with things.
Not sure why my font went small!
Enjoying Spring coming- daylight saving starts tonight. Have a few short days and days off this week. I really need a holiday but will push on till Christmas. Then maybe take a week to go down to Nelson in February?
I am determined to lose this weight round my middle somehow. I am overweight according to BMI but only need to lose about 1.5 kilos to be OK. It is so hard to lose inches! Can't believe it that I would ever get fat! All these unexpected happenings keep happening! Being diagnosed Bipolar for a start. And working at Stats for years and years. And meeting ivan and Arnie and moving to titirangi....
Jay my brother and kis wife Kiri are finally going to have a baby-its a boy! fantastic news. They have tried for 4 years. and were all set to go to the states for donor egg therapy at vast expense.
I am just getting on with everything, but feeling too tired, cos I can't make myself go to sleep earlier than 1ish-and wake around 8-8.30
Nicky my friend has been given a bad prognosis with her ovarian cancer. I hope I can be a good friend for her. I might contact her friend Dale and see what she suggests. How to support her?




Hey there DM ~ I admire you for pushing through work and waiting until February for a vacation. I hope you save a bunch of $$ so you can have a fabulous time. With lots of special things like fancy restaurants and sailboat rides.

I wish you good luck in your efforts to loose weight before your vaca. I know you can do it!! You are a determined lady.

I relate to being surprised at the unexpected happenings in life. Who would have thought I would be living back in the place were I was born, married to a loving man, being estranged from my daughter, suffering from bipolar, living on disability. My plans for my life were completely different.

What happy news about the pregnancy! I don\'t remember whether you have any other nieces or nephews yet? I didn\'t know you can\'t get artificial insemination there. How come?

You might consider speaking with your GP about your constant exhaustion. It seems that 7 hours of sleep per night might be an OK amount to get you through the day. Are you having any other unusual symptoms?

That\'s very kind of you to think of asking Dale how you can support Nicky. I wish I had a suggestion for you, but I have had no ill people in my life yet. Isn\'t that odd? Does she live near you? If so and she has a pet, maybe you could help her care for it. A neighbor had a knee surgery and we walked her dog until she could do it. I\'m sorry your friend is going through this illness.

Love and Hugs to You, My Dear Friend.

Hi Miss-I think they tried AI but the embryo never happened. You are very fluent-I am feeling a bit silent. Thank you for responding so fully to my Journal-you are such a sweetie!
Part of the trouble about my friend is she lives a long way away-about an hour\'s drive, and i don\'t drive-have to ask Ivan for a ride. I have to do that a lot and its a bit awkward.
What will you get husb for Christmas? Its getting towards that time again!
I am feeling a bit less tired after a less late night or two. Just need to catch up!
Hope you are well, happy and life is treating you kindly.
With love and a hug!

Sounds to me you have wonderful people to be thankful for. Take care beautiful lady :) HUGS!