what next?

I live in a quiet, small, family oriented suburb.  Not much happens around here.  When something does happen (usually an illness) the community bands together and helps and supports one another.  Unfortunately, we had a terrible event happen that left us, once again, rallying around one another trying to deal with this horrible happening.  This time it wasn't an illness but a senseless killing of a sweet 19 year old boy.  This boy lived two blocks from us. Last week he and his friend, 17, who attends my son's school, found themselves in the city - looking for a friend at about 9:30 at night.  As they sat in their car, a stranger walked up to the car and asked for a lighter.  The 17 yr. old rolled down his window, at the request of this person, only to find a gun pointed at his head.  The gun went off killing the 19 year old and wounding the 17 year old.  It's so sad and very senseless.  The 19 year old was in my middle son's graduating class.  Both my sons said that he was a really great kid (as did the newspaper).   I remember this boy back when he was in the same class as my middle guy because I used to volunteer in the computer lab and help this boy.  He was so sweet.  I still vividly remember his face, as well as his mom's.  She was very warm.  Today as the kids go back to school, after having spring break, they will meet with grief counselors, if they need them.  T-Man went to the memorial candle lit ceremony at their house a few days ago and it really upset him.  He said he had this boy in his class last year.    It was said (in the paper) that drugs were not involved and that no one believed he did drugs. Regardless........many teens take chances and finding themselves in compromising positions.  This boy could have been my son.  My son did drugs and ventured downtown on many occasions last summer and fall, it was always my fear that this could happen to him.  All I can say is I'm relieved that T is doing better now because this tragedy hit way too close to home (literally and figuratively).