what is wrong with me

Must i fall for everyone that shows me the least bit of love. So my best friend is the best guy ever or my best friends but i am talking about the one and i had a convo and i told him i had a tiny chrush for him. I am so embarrased totally came out the wrong way now he is probably freaked out. Okay its not on of those romantic i wanna be with you forever and have sex type of deal lalalala. But it is a kind of love that is so pure and innocent that makes m,e giggle a bit i think it is just that he is my best friend and i love him that way. my brother lol not blood related or by marriage just my brother that i chose. But i also love him so much that i would do anything for him and i could see him in my life forever i dont love him for sex or in that way i just love him. I have never really had that in my life. until now i dont really have a family.i just love him and he will probably see this at some point. I just dont want him to get freaked out i know i have no penis.