What is the best rosin press on the market 2021?

Using a rosin press has never been easier due to many advancements in the industry, but finding the best rosin press can be difficult with the growing number of rosin presses being manufactured across the globe. Hopefully, this article will enlighten you in choosing the top rosin press that is right for you.

Choosing the right temperature

Temperature is an essential factor that must be taken into consideration, and it’s essential to check it out on a rosin press before buying it.

Temperature is also the most debated variable when it comes to rosin pressing, and there are fans of both sides of the spectrum – hotter and colder pressing. When you apply pressure and heat on the flower, the speed, and consistency in which it liquefies depend on the temperature that is used and on the evenness of the heat distribution. Cold pressing (160 – 190 degrees Fahrenheit) involves 1 to 5 minutes of pressing and produces high batter consistency. It also preserves rich terpenes. Hot pressing (190 to 220 degrees Fahrenheit) involves pressing for 45 seconds to 3 minutes, and the resulted product has an oily consistency. The yield is increased compared to cold pressing.

The pressure of a rosin press is also essential. While flower rosin requires more pressure than kief and hash rosin to squeeze the juice out, there are some presses that apply too much pressure. The ideal pressure range for flower rosin is somewhere between 550 – 1,500 PSI. Evenly distributed pressure is essential, and so is the speed you apply pressure to a filled rosin bag. If the pressure is applied too fast, you will have a blow-out. If you apply the pressure too slowly, the result will be overexposure to the heat plates and degradation of the material.

The type of heat plate is also an important factor to consider before buying a rosin press. Long and narrow heat plates are the best kind to purchase because they will ensure the highest yield possible from every production run. This shape will make sure that your rosin oil can quickly escape the heat plates. Aluminum plates are also useful because they allow for better heat distribution compared to stainless steel ones.

Safety is another essential factor to consider when you are purchasing a rosin press. When you are operating such machines that are capable of exerting thousands of pounds of force, it’s usually a good idea to adhere to safety standards and the best practices. High-quality rosin presses involve minimum risks, and they also come with built-in safety features that will be able to prevent accidents from happening.

Ju1ceBox Lever Action Rosin Press



  • Very modern and safe

  • High pressing power to weight ratio

  • Looks at home in any room, so doesn’t need to be shut away in the garage out of sight


  • Not suited for large pressing batches as the power is simply too low. Much more suited for personal use for home rosin press aficionados

Dabpress 6 Ton Rosin Press Machine



  • Fairly priced

  • Easy to store and transport

  • Perfect for beginners as it comes with all the accessories you need for pressing


  • Doesn’t provide substantial amounts of pressing power, in comparison to some of the larger presses in this guide

Factors to consider before purchasing a rosin press

There are more rosin press types out there than you’ll be able to choose from, and before purchasing the best one for your needs, it’s best to know their most important features. A manual rosin press, for instance, is a portable, low-cost extraction solution for home users and personal consumption. A manual rosin press comes in a smaller form factor, and this makes it portable. Such a machine usually involves a hand crank or a twist-style mechanism to apply force to the material that you are using. By the way, ECO Farm rosin press can be a best choice.

A hydraulic rosin press uses hydraulic pressure to generate the force that is needed to produce rosin. This force is generated via the use of a hand pump. A hydraulic press is also portable, and it only requires some elbow grease to get clean rosin, unlike a pneumatic one that needs an air compressor.

A pneumatic rosin press is similar to the hydraulic one, and it doesn’t involve any hand pumping. This will be useful especially if you are extracting a few batches at a time. Another benefit of a pneumatic press is that it’s easy to control and you can also change the pressure as you press the product.

An electric rosin press is really new on the market, and such machines are already gaining rapid adoption, and they’re becoming more and more popular. Electric rosin presses don’t require any external pumps or compressors in order to function properly. All you need is an electrical outlet to plug the machine, and everything’s ready for extraction. These are ideal for larger batches.

Hybrid rosin presses are practically a mix of hydraulic rosin presses on the inside. Instead of having to use a hand pump for the whole process, they are engineered in such a way that with just a simple switch of a pump, you’ll be able to control these machines either electronically, pneumatically or by using a hand pump to suit all types of extraction demands. These are usually used in commercial applications.

Final thoughts

A variety of different and recommended best rosin presses machine for cannabis and extracting rosin from this wonderful plant. Choosing the right press for the job is important. Yield is the number one reason for choosing an upgraded rosin press as to not waste weed.