What is intelligence?


The word wisdom has been called differently, such as wisdom, intelligence or IQ (IQ), nowadays it is of widespread interest.Let's see what it is.


Refers to a person's ability to learn. Appropriate adaptation to problems and the ability to carry out activities with purpose and social value Able to think rationally, able to adapt effectively to the environment and society.

Goddard continues to be a questionable figure in the background of psychology. This results from his debate that adults along with low IQs shouldn't procreate. Thankfully, society has largely proceeded from such point of views. Today, there are numerous INTELLIGENCE tests that are actually made use of for different purposes, however the majority of are used to assist detect learning handicaps. At iqexams.net, you may get IQ Test Gratis.

Development of intelligence

Intelligence is something that each person has innate and develops more fully with age and environment. which depends on many elements such as:

Genetic variants karma inherited from parents successor. People have good or bad intelligence, depending on the species 80%, the environment 20%.

The integrity of the brain and nervous system.

Environment, environment that stimulates And encourage people to have the opportunity to learn, for example Caring parents talk to their children Children will study well and help to have good intelligence. Giving love and warmth, adoption of a reasonable, reasonable parenting. They affect mental health and influence intelligence. Once the child has met these fundamental needs, he is ready to fully develop his abilities. If parents raise their children in a protective manner like an egg, it will slow down the child's cognitive development.Having a good book to read according to each age will help in the development of intelligence. tourism See interesting places It will stimulate the development of intelligence in various fields. help children to think Observe and solve problems appropriately.

Age The age at which the development of intelligence reaches its maximum is between the ages of 15-25 years. Intelligence when developing reaches its maximum level, it gradually deteriorates with age, but has a gradual nature. barely noticeable The deterioration of intelligence in each aspect may deteriorate equally fast and slow.

Gender Males tend to have computational abilities. Skillful of action mechanics that use cunning And speed is better than women Female males tend to be fluent in their hands. Work that requires skill, detailed workmanship, language usage, language ability, memory.

Ethnic hybrids tend to have higher intelligence quotient than non-hybrids.

Brain disorders  Brain disorders may affect the deterioration of intelligence. Ahead of time Such as brain tumors, epilepsy, the brain has been severely affected.

Intelligence quotient

Intelligence rating is merely a comparative representation of whether a person's ability is on average above or below his or her age level when compared to someone of the same age.





The intelligence level was obtained from the intelligence test with a variety of intelligence tests to be used as appropriate for the test subject. There are quizzes to see one special ability and a combination of common abilities.


Test results may be graded as numbers such as IQ or meaningful scores such as grades and brain age, depending on how intelligence is calculated, which vary from test to test.


It is a figure obtained from the intelligence test with the average score expected to be performed by the subject. According to the real age level The method of calculating the IQ in each intelligence test depends on the test type and the sample used. Therefore, IQ shows how intelligent a person is compared to other people of the same age.





People's intelligence increases with age in terms of quality because we have the opportunity to learn activities and fix events to make them more experienced. But when testing intelligence, the scores that are increased must also be compared with the increasing age.


Certain variables influence whether the intelligence test result or the IQ value in each intelligence test is inaccurate or unstable. Such variables can be a number of factors, for example, during the test the subject may not be able to fully utilize his or her abilities due to physical or mental ailments, emotional stress, lack of motivation and lack of concentration in the test. proficient in testing or using the test incorrectly, etc.


Intelligence is something that can motivate Encourage development if parents understand the child and help stimulate the child's intellectual development properly and appropriately, it will help the child to develop his intelligence to the fullest extent.