What Is Car Auction And How Does It Work?


If the purchase of a new car is planned, the car auction is another option in addition to buying it from a dealer or private seller. Very few buyers think of this option.

Car auctions generally raise fears of buying a “pig in a poke”. A test drive is not possible, nor is the vehicle to be precisely examined before bidding. But a car auction is a variant of buying a car, in which, with a little luck, you can acquire your dream vehicle at a low price. Now find your used car with one click. Fast and easy.

In this guide we explain how used cars are auctioned and for whom this type of acquisition is particularly suitable. We also shed light on the auction portals and explain how a customs auction works. Do you want to buy a car at a car auction? With our checklist you have the perfect preparation.

How do car auctions work?

In the case of an auction, sales platforms are made available with which the participants can submit binding bids on the objects presented. They then outbid each other until a highest bid has been reached for the product and no other bidder can be found. So the one who offers the most within a certain period of time receives the coveted object. There are auctions both on site, where the presence of the bidder is necessary, and virtual, where you only need an internet connection. If you buy a Japanese car from car auction, you must Japanese car auction sheet check by the professional company.

The cars that are auctioned in this way mostly come from manufacturers, small companies, leasing and finance companies, car dealers, vehicle importers or banks. Car auctions are suitable for everyone who is aiming for bargains on the one hand and a certain tension factor when buying a car on the other. It is not uncommon for models to be bought at a car auction for an amount that is well below the regular prices of the current used car market.

Those willing to auction are advised to keep their nerve, because it remains open until the very end whether you have bought the vehicle and, if so, how high the price is for it. In addition, it must be taken into account that even after successful bidding, it is not clear what you will get for your money. Details are often not adequately named or described, you have no opportunity to test the vehicle and you only get to know the peculiarities of the car after buying it.

Customs auction

Customs or other public authorities auction vehicles that have been seized and decommissioned. Commercial dealers and private individuals are permitted for these car auctions. Since 2009, the tax offices of the federal states have been legally obliged to auction off seized items on the customs' central internet platform.


The police also offer seized or confiscated goods and found objects here, so that a customs auction offers a wide range of vehicles. This car auction by the authorities is particularly advantageous for craft businesses, as a large number of trucks or vans are offered here. In addition, the customs as a provider can be classified as quite serious.

Car auction checklist

If you intend to purchase a vehicle with the help of a car auction, you have to consider a few important points in advance. We have put together a checklist for you, with which you can check before the car auction whether you know all the relevant facts and whether you have successfully completed your auction.

Determine which auction portal comes into question.

Get comparison prices.

Study the description of the car carefully, if it is available.

If possible, have a third party determine the value.

Set your personal limit before the auction.

Never exceed your pre-set maximum bid.

If the auction is limited in time, only bid shortly before the end of the auction.

Take into account that a test drive is not possible.

Submitted bids are always binding.


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