What I Can Control

Well, last month we had another PPT meeting. Looks like my son is failing just about everything. It was decided that he would drop his foreign language (that he can always do later in school/life if he wants) & give him all co-taught academic classes.
 There are, of course, two sides to this. On the one hand, he does not do well with change. On the other, what is going on now is not working. Anyhow, my son was in the room when this was discussed. His opinion was asked for & he really had nothing much to say about it, or at least he acted that way. He seemed to have reservations about it, but did not indicate that he wanted things kept the way they were & he’d try harder. So the schedule was changed.
 Of course, he did not like this & I found out later that the 1st day of his new schedule, he hid in the bathroom nearly all day until the guidance counselor found him. When I found out about this, I told him that if he tried that again, I would go to school with him & make sure he made it to all his classes. That worked, though he still is late just about every day.
 But anyway, he felt mad that we just went & changed his schedule. I pointed out that we asked him his opinion & he said, “Well, no one would have listened anyway.” and that he was just going to do worse under this new schedule (though that actually is all up to him). Well, I can’t change his thinking on that, right or wrong. All I & the school can do is everything we can. I just told my son to “make the best of it” and to do his best & maybe it would actually be better than he thought.
 On a completely separate note, it looks like we’re getting a nice refund from both the federal & state tax returns, which will pay a good chunk on the credit card. That will actually put me in a position where the end is in sight! (At least for credit cards. We still have the home equity to pay off, but I’m not as worried about that, since its interest is tax-deductible.) It’s nice to have something that I can control.