what hurricane sandy meant to me

first and foremost i am GRATEFUL that the damage we incurred was minimal in comparison to many others. we lost several trees and had no power for 7 days. two 80 foot tall oak trees fell onto the roof and we lived in the hobbit house for 24 hours.... branches through the ceiling blocking the door and onto my car. the drama was insane. BUT we are the lucky ones on the north shore of long island at  high elevation so no water surge..  it seems the roof has sustained some underlying structural damage, so we are getting a total tear off and a new roof . we were able to get a generator and had heat and hot water when we wanted it. we went nowhere so our cars have gas (for now).
now for the rant. My husband was a raving lunatic!!!!! he made a stressful situation as horrible as possible. he was rude, disrespectful, temper-tantruming, and in general a stupid-stupid mess. his anxiety levels were so high that he cold not make good decisions. blah blah blah. all this while apparently sober (the only bright spot)   but jeez..... no one could stand him.  my older son finally told him to get his act together and realize that we are a family and not his private duty support staff.  his tunnel vision, selfish, know it all attitude resulted in a fall from the roof!!!!! the sad thing was that his fall just made the rest of us more impatient and pissed at him. (he is fine by the way, just stiff and bruised.)
i got to the place where i hated his hair, his teeth, the way he breathes, the way he sips his iced tea,  he does not know how to work his cell phone,  in fact just his mere existence on this planet made me want to beat the shit out of him. at these moments i walked the dog over to my girlfriends house . she is married to a similar version of the same man so we saved each other from jail time.
i was never so happy to return to work after a week off!
thanks for listening



I am sorry about the damage...and overall rough time! I am happy, that you are ok, and among the \"lucky\" ones, so to speak. I am also very grateful to your neighbor! I wish I had someone....anyone...I could really turn to in those rough moments. ((((HUGS))))