What has happened to me?

My week has not been too good. I have an issue with a guy who is for the most part stalking me now. I was proactive and after receiving threats, I got a restraining order on him. Things seemed to have gotten better until this week. He came to my work when I was leaving and tried to talk to me. I called the cops the second I saw him. Hes now extremely upset at me because I called the police when he was trying to make peace with me.  i am not scared that he will try something. And I know this won't end until he does try something. I do not get what I did to deserve all of this. I am still trying to deal with the times I was raped and then this happens on top of all of my other issues. I am recently sober again because I slipped up almost a month ago and drank and did cocaine. Now I am trying to start over and things in my life are making it so hard.