What has been going on

Well I guess every one thinks that I dropped off the edge of the world.Not.I have been sick agian,seems like every time I go around kids I get what they are passing around.This time I got a real bad sore throat and sinus cold and guess what PINK EYE.Of all the things how did I catch that.Oh well guess I am going to have to start living in a bubble in order to not get sick.I am still having problems with my ears being plugged up,but that didn`t stop the ringing in my head.Figure that one out can`t hear but the ringing is louder than it was before.My left ear has started to pop like when yo change altitude.It dose it when ever I yawn or if I just swallow.I guess the next time I go to my doc I am going to have to ask her to refer me to an ENT so I can get some thing done about it.As it stands now I am still taking antibiotics for all of this and today I got up expecting to be able to go with a long time friend to our regular breakfast but had to call and cancle because I felt like crap.After Brenda got up I sat around for about an hour and had to go crawl back in bed where I stayed until after 1`o`clock this afternoon.When I got up I didn`t feel any better.I know that I need to go and take a shower but now Brenda is in the bed room sleeping off a migraine so I will wait until she gets up.Any how that has been what has been going on with me this last 2 weeks.