What Everyone Is Saying About Indoor Playground And What You Should Do

If you reside in a place like we do in Western New York (we are in Rochester!) With beautifully warm summers and cold snowy winters, you'll know your choices for your child's birthday celebration are largely determined by the weather.
As an August baby, we constantly had little family parties out at my house. But, together with sons born in November and March, we are constantly left to book an indoor venue for their parties, if we decided to have them that year. While those with children with summer birthdays may seem lucky to have so many choices at their disposal, it can also often feel overwhelming.
While in Climbing Vines Cafe and Play we might be biased since we sponsor indoor parties, I wanted to share with you the 5 most common reasons we hear from previous celebration customers to reserve indoor summer birthdays with us. To them, the stress-free temperament of the indoor summer party is really a no-brainer, plus they're not looking back! Following their first indoor summer celebration , they continue hosting with us year after year.

The most common cause for a customer to book a summer indoor celebration with us is they do not have to stem the weather forecast for updates in the weeks leading up to the party. Nothing can derail a fun party faster than having to cram all your visitors inside your house, waiting for a storm to pass. And if you've ever had to cancel or postpone your kid's birthday due to weather, then you know how heartbreaking that can be.
We get dozens of calls each summer a few days before somebody's outdoor celebration is supposed to happen to find out if we've got an open slot for them within our indoor party place due to weather woes. We can usually pull off this if the place remains open, but hosts will sadly need to starve and let all their guests are aware of the change in venue and likely shift in time, and change all of their catering orders to accommodate their new party plan.
While of course rain is likely the biggest obstacle you might face, extreme heat, unseasonably cool weather, and end can also pose problems for your food, decorations, along with your guests' possessions. You'll likely end up investing in a tent or some other weather barrier simply to ease your mind a bit, which are costly and require lots of precious time to set up and take down. I will not even tell the narrative of the time my Dad set a tent up for a celebration in a windstorm and wound up with a insurance claim for 4 ruined cars when it blew away (weights and anchors and all!) ...

Besides the obvious weather worries it's possible to avoid with a indoor party, there can also just be something so simple and lovely about an indoor playground toys summer celebration. Guests will not need to be worried about bringing towels and sunscreen and sunglasses and swimsuits and changes of clothes and bug spray... you get the picture.
Sometimes it's wonderful to have a brief break in the outdoors, sip coffee in an air-conditioned cafe, also have an actual conversation with other adults while the kids play, instead of chasing kids around trying to receive their fur on them keeping them away from your in-ground pool. I'm not sure about you, but I can never quite relax at an outdoor summer birthday party with a 2 and a 4 year-old. While they sure do have a good time running around, we typically leave at a daze or with a tantrum, unsure if we even had time to talk or check in with everyone.
While I absolutely adore a good barbecue or summer grilling extravaganza, I also find it so refreshing when we could take a break in the same-old backyard celebration and spend a few hours at a relaxing, cool, and most importantly-- included! -- atmosphere.
It is also freeing as a guest to have the rest of the day to do as we wish as a family, not need to worry about getting the kids into a bath right after the party or stopping home to cool off and change clothes.
I guarantee that if you book an indoor celebration for your child, guests (especially family) might seem a little confused at first (why not take advantage of the summer weather while we can, right?) But after hosting countless indoor parties I can tell you for certain that on the day-of, you and your visitors will realize how pleasant it can be to kick back within an air-conditioned private party for a few hours.

Speaking of how relaxing a indoor, air-conditioned party could be, how can we talk about food for a moment? Not only are food options limited with an outdoor party due to heat, but it can be hard to keep food covered and retain the bugs, bees, and other debris away.
At the moment, my sweet 4 year old boy is terrified of bees, and the quickest way to send him into a tailspin is for him to sit down to eat a cupcake or his meal and also have bees swarming around. Therefore, for our family, the food factor alone could be enough to justify an indoor party.
Eating in peace without needing to find colour or a chair or a location away from pests is just one of these things you don't realize can be so magnificent until you attend your fourth or fifth outside summer gathering and after that get a break from them. Among the most common things we hear is how fine it is to just sit and eat and see the kiddos play with no any other venue-related cares or concerns. This will be especially important if you are going to be needing elderly family members attend that can struggle with being mobile in the grass or mud and finding seating at outdoor parties.
Plus, when was the last time you attended an outdoor summer party with a full espresso bar and cafe available for guests to enjoy now they don't need to be concerned about running around chasing their children in the heat?


While party aesthetic may not be a deciding factor for every household, it sure is significantly simpler to create a themed extravaganza that lighting a child's face up when the party's indoors. The decorations required tend to be less because the place is smaller and included contained, and you won't need to be concerned about balloons and streamers blowing all about or procuring table covers down.
Since we do host cellular events outdoors at Climbing Vines Cafe and Play, I can also speak from experience when I say the time that it takes to install (and take down!) Decorations for an outdoor celebration compared to an indoor celebration generally ends up being double. Finding great places to hang banner, needing two people to hold and protect everything, and finding weights or other restraints for everything can be a genuine hassle on party day.
And you will have enough to worry about this afternoon, right?
Also, if your own pinterest boards are filled with adorable figurines, a candy bar, or anything that may be impacted by wind (or attract bees!) You will probably have to restrategize for an outdoor soiree.
Not to mention decoration typically can only be utilized once if used outdoors, but repurposed again and again if used for an indoor event. Our guests that host indoor occasions, especially those who spent significant money into decor or labored hard to create their own, are very happy to find they could usually make a large chunk of their cash back by reselling their supplies on something like Facebook Marketplace.

Speaking of cash, probably the biggest misconception I hear from customers is that they want to sponsor a party in their home to save themselves the rental fee of an indoor area. I usually laugh at this because it makes great sense, in other words, if you've never hosted an outdoor party.
With all of the"extras" such as tents, seat rentals, extra decorations, weather reinforcements, cleanup supplies, games and activities for the children (that you won't have to provide at a play area!) , pool toys, etc.... It's very likely you will end up spending MUCH more hosting a party at your home or an outside place than you'd inside.
I'm not sure how other indoor spaces handle their supplies, but we only charge guests for extra drinks and supplies and such on the afternoon of the party should they wind up needing themand we also enable parties to attract in their OWN food, dessert, and decor should they choose!
Money aside, spending countless hours cleaning before, during, and after the celebration may also take a toll. Wouldn't it be wonderful to walk into a sparkling clean space and leave with your guests when the party's over, not having to be concerned about the clean-up, garbage removal, tent teardown, etc?
You can just head home and relax with your family (yes, maybe outside!) At a nice clean home that was not just trampled by party guests and all of their mud, grass, and sunscreen.
Along with the time spent cleaning prior to and after the party, would not it ALSO be wonderful to not have to play"server" throughout the event? Even for customers that make their own food and decor, our dedicated celebration assistants set up everything, refill and fix food and drinks as necessary, clear plates, cut and serve the cake, and package up all of the leftovers in the end of the party!
In the end, it's your child's special day and you want to spend those valuable hours making memories and visiting along with your guests-- not running about chasing your decorations or refilling the fruit bowl countless times.
So save everybody (and especially your family!) We would be honored to provide you with an easy, enjoyable experience which will leave your whole guest list feeling joyful, thankful, and filled with love after having a relaxing (yet fun-filled!) day together.