what do you see???

what do you see when you look at me ?
whats there behind my eyes?
can you see my hunger?
my loniliness? or can you see the dispise?
what do you hear when I talk to you?
what does my tone to you say?
that I wish you would love me now
and if you won't then just to go away?
what do you think my body tells you?
what can you read from my stance?
that i'm hurting? fighting? struggling?
and that I long to stop this dance?
I know that I hide and push away
the things that haunt and plague me.
but honestly there are tell tale signs
of my struggles why can't you see???
I need your help to fight this off
and the part that i want to ask of you...
is just to listen, be there
and help me in the struggles I go through.....