what do you all think? need advice!

on a good note this evening im getting coffee with a PA friend, i hope she has fun with me!  
But i really need actvice about this!! please comment!
ok with everything with my mentor friend. do you think she is a true friend?? ok she tells me alot over the years that she really loves me and cares about me but i still don't see alot of effort by her actions like she always is telling me how much she loves me and im like a close friend to her but if she really loves me so much like she is always saying why isnt it matching up with her actions?? i just don't get it. thats why i always expect alot from her because out of all the loving things she has told me like im like one of her closest friends, if i am why does there have to be so many restrictions with me on our friendship like  another example is the only way we commutate is by email. like just email. shes on my friends list on facebook but she told me i can't post on her wall at all ever and we have eachother's cell numbers but she comes across like i can only call or text if we are running late for a get together like she acts like i can't call her to chat at all. so is all the loving comments i get from her just all talk are they all fake?? i mean why is she being like this? like does she really love me like she says and does she really mean all the nice things she has said to me like or is she just all talk and is it all fake? i mean how can she claim she is a real close friend of mine if it has to be like this???  and that she has to have all these restrictions on me????